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Welcome to the Sea Star Class

What a great start to the school year!

It is a joy having all the kids back in the classroom! Thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making the first week of school go smoothly. The children are eager to enter their classroom environment each morning, ready for new lessons and fun!

Today, we celebrated Maria Montessori’s 153rd birthday! We have been focusing on the preliminary lessons in the Practical Life area. These lessons help develop hand and eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, self-control, independence, confidence, and order. The children have also been focusing on their grace and courtesy lessons, using polite words such as “please” and ‘thank you,” waiting their turn, how to interrupt for help, etc.

In September, we will introduce the Sun and Moon, the map of the world, land, air, water, land and water forms, the five senses (taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing), nutrition, parts of the apple, and World Peace Day.

This month, we encourage families to bring in any spare change that we can fill our jars to create ‘Change for Change!’ All funds raised will be donated to help support the families and students who have lost so much from the fires on the island of Maui.

The kindergarten students have PE on Tuesdays. Please make sure your kindergartner is wearing sneakers on those days.

Thank you to all who purchased items off our class wish list. These materials help enhance our classroom! The link will be available throughout the year at the bottom of the website posts.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Samara and Ms. Alyssa

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